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Hans Christian Yachts

Hans Christian plans

Design Philosophy

Hans Christian Yachts is known for producing a series of high-quality, traditional-looking, long-distance cruising sailboats


The design philosophy behind Hans Christian Yachts has always been to create vessels that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also robust and seaworthy. Their traditional lines, inspired by old-world sailing vessels, are combined with modern construction techniques to produce yachts that can handle the rigors of long-distance cruising.

Navigating the Market: Choice Vessels Ready for Open Waters

1976 Hans Christian 38t to sell in Alabama U.S

1976 Hans Christian 38t: A Timeless Seafarer’s Dream

Footloose“- revered Hans Christian 38t series. A vessel that harks back to the golden age of sailing, she’s built with the robustness and craftsmanship that Hans Christian is renowned for. Her interiors are a blend of tradition and comfort, featuring two private staterooms, a seagoing galley, and a spacious main salon. While she’s in need of some TLC, particularly in areas like refrigeration, stove/oven, and teak deck rejuvenation, this is a golden opportunity for a hands-on sailor to acquire a classic at a value well below market rate

Hans Christian 38 MK II<br />
Canada, Vancouver

Hans Christian 38 MK II: A Mariner’s Timeless Classic

Behold the Hans Christian 38 MK II, a vessel that embodies the very essence of traditional seafaring. With her unmistakable lines and robust craftsmanship, she stands as a testament to the golden age of blue water cruising. Every inch of this yacht speaks of adventures across vast horizons, from her sturdy full keel to the intricate woodwork that graces her interiors. Designed for the discerning sailor, the 38 MK II offers a harmonious blend of performance and comfort, ensuring safe passage through both calm seas and tempestuous waters. Whether you’re charting a course to distant shores or seeking a tranquil anchorage, this classic cutter is your trusted companion on the timeless journey of the sea.

Transocean yacht delivery

1986 Hans Christian 33: A Nautical Legacy

Yacht seamlessly blends tradition with functionality. This classic sailboat, moored in Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles, boasts a fiberglass hull designed for displacement, ensuring stability and grace on the water. At a length of 10.06 meters, she’s powered by a Sole Mini 44 engine from 2010, with only 575 hours on the clock.

The interior reveals a well-maintained space, accommodating two single berths, a twin berth, and a head. Sailors will appreciate the new navigation equipment, overhauled systems, and the freshly painted mast & boom. The vessel also comes equipped with a range of sails, including a main sail, stay sail, genoa, and jib, all inspected and serviced by Doyle in November 2020.

Whether you’re charting new waters or anchoring in a tranquil bay, this Hans Christian 33 promises reliability, comfort, and the timeless charm of classic sailing.

Not  just a vessel

Why do we hold our Hans Christian in such high regard? Well, mate, she’s not just any vessel; she’s a blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and true blue-water spirit.

Traditional design

Hans Christian sailboats are easily recognizable by their classic, traditional design. They often feature a canoe stern, clipper bow, and a lot of teak woodwork, both inside and out

Blue Water cruisers

Hans Christian Yachts are often referred to as “blue water cruisers” because of their ability to handle long ocean passages safely and comfortably.

Heavy displacement

Hans Christian Yachts are known for their heavy displacement, which contributes to their stability in rough waters. This makes them slower in light wind conditions but more comfortable in heavier seas


The interiors of Hans Christian yachts are often noted for their warm, cozy, and traditional feel, with extensive use of teak and other high-quality materials

Yacht delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the primary methods of transporting a yacht from the USA to Europe?

Answer: The primary methods include shipping on a freighter (either as deck cargo or in a shipping container), hiring a delivery crew to sail the yacht, or sailing it yourself. W can arrange transport or support you in your passage.

How much does it cost to transport a yacht from the USA to Europe?</p> <p>

Answer: The cost varies based on the size of the yacht, the method of transportation chosen, and the specific starting and ending locations. It’s best to get quotes from multiple shipping companies for an accurate estimate. Push a Contact button and let us know 

What documentation is required to transport and import my yacht into Europe?

Answer: You’ll need the yacht’s registration, proof of ownership, a bill of sale, and potentially a Certificate of Conformity. It’s also essential to check the specific import regulations of the European country you’re importing to.

How do Hans Christian Yachts perform in rough seas?

Answer: Known for their heavy displacement and robust construction, Hans Christian Yachts are designed to handle rough waters with stability and comfort. Just be sure, your boat passed a boat survey ans she is prepared for planned passage. And … Bon voyage 🙂

BRUTAL take down of a Hans Christian 38T

The video discusses a Hans Christian 38T sailboat that is priced at $37,000 US dollars, whereas a good one typically costs around $130,000. The video seems to explore why this particular boat is priced so low. Questions raised include:

  • What’s wrong with the boat?
  • Why is it so cheap?
  • Does it need a new marine diesel engine?
  • Does it need new sails?
  • Can you buy a bad boat and fix it up to go sailing?
charter boat 14

Hans Christian models

Anchored in tradition and crafted for the open seas, Hans Christian Yachts’ models are the quintessential mariner’s vessels, blending old-world craftsmanship with blue-water performance, making every horizon a new adventure for the salt-blooded sailor ??‍☠️

""Hans Christian Yachts: A harmonious blend of timeless craftsmanship and innovative design, these vessels are more than just boats; they are floating legacies that capture the boundless spirit and romance of the sea.""


"Hans Christian Yachts: Synonymous with unparalleled comfort and steadfast safety, each vessel is meticulously crafted to ensure every journey is as serene as it is secure, embodying the true essence of luxurious and worry-free sailing"

Borys Borkowski

"Hans Christian Yachts: Crafted with an unwavering commitment to onboard luxury, each vessel offers a haven of comfort, where every nook and cranny is designed for the utmost relaxation and ease, making life at sea feel like a home away from home"


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Kason Espinosa
Yacht's plans

Preserving the Legacy of Hans Christian Yachts

Join our quest to preserve the legacy of Hans Christian Yachts. Contribute documents, blueprints, and photos to help keep the dream alive for future sailors. Your support is vital in safeguarding the history of these timeless vessels